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Innovators & Scientists Needed – Panel Discussion

Save The Date – Thursday, March 1st at Noon (ET): Looking for something astonishing and consequential? The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) hosts “Innovators & Scientists Needed” – a one-hour webinar coming soon. CLICK HERE to register for this exclusive peek into the future led by our panel of STEM business experts who are part of world-changing innovations and science.

According to the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 report released in January 2018, the U.S. invests the most in research and development, attracts the most venture capital, awards the most advanced degrees, provides the most business, financial and information services, and is the largest producer in high-technology manufacturing sectors.  
But a recent Gallup poll indicates that millennials (22-36) are the least engaged generation of employees. The poll shows that they are seeking employment where they can learn and grow and have a passion for the work. The same poll shows that GenXers (37-57) are looking for really good managers/management and bigger compensation opportunities.
According to a national survey of adults (Survey Monkey), the companies millennials most want to work for are: Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, HP, Google, Apple, Boeing, Intel, Caterpillar, Amazon.com, Lockheed Martin, and others. “These companies are top of mind in terms of innovation,” said Sarah Cho, Director of Research at SurveyMonkey. “Millennials name Microsoft, Google, HP in the top 5 companies that are most willing to change in pursuit of success.”
The “Innovators & Scientists Needed” webinar is geared for CEE alumni who are early or mature in their careers and want to be a part of something amazing and significant.
Please join CEE for a timely and important discussion on this vital subject.

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